Lining Up Mini-Lesson

At the beginning of every school year, plans for classroom procedures are decided.  
Teachers work thoughtfully to design systems that will help best benefit the students in their class.
Music teachers will only see the students for a short time during the school day, and therefor should look for every second as a teachable moment, including lining up to wait for their classroom teacher.

So one day while figuring out which direction to line up the students, the thought came to create two squares out of electrical tape on the laminate floor.  Each square would have a new musical symbol inside every week. The teacher would call on a student and ask them to stand in the square with the (for example) double bar line.  Then the teacher would call on another student and ask them to identify what musical object is in the left over box.

Now that we have line leaders, students can line up in a variety of ways.  The teacher could ask each line leader what is their favorite genre of music.  Students could then line up in the line of their musical preference. 
Other lining up ideas could be:

Boy / Girl
Number Order
Favorite Color
Musician/Band they like the best
Music symbol they like the most

The possiblities are endless!  Not only is it a helpful way to line up the students while learning, but it also enables the students to stay focused and quiet when preparing to exit the classroom.

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