Friday, February 21, 2014

The Calendar Show

As elementary music teachers, it can be a challenge to put together new shows for the students to perform.  While searching through the curriculum, it was decided that doing a performance based on calendar days might be pretty fun.  The first thing was to surf the net to find a calendar that has all the special days listed such as Groundhogs Day, National Popcorn Day, Friendship Day and many more.

Looking through the Making Music series, it is easy to find songs divided by seasons and games along with many other categories.  Lining up the songs with the calendar days was simple and made for an awesome set design idea!  Lori the Magic Paper Lady, came up with this wonderful idea of making large calendar pages like those found on a day planner.  WOW! The results were amazing! What a wonderful photo opportunity for all the young performers.  Take a look for yourself~
Stage Backdrop
Stage Backdrop
Stage Backdrop
Here's one of many links for fun calendar days.   Enjoy!

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