Ticket Out the Door

The "Ticket Out the Door"  is a concept that is not new, but it was new to my classroom this year.  Based upon my 5th and 6th grade classes, I realized that I needed something tangable that would allow students the opportunity to self reflect about their behavior during class and help me to identify ways to help them improve their learning.

Although I do believe the behavior self reflection part of the ticket is good, I find the flip side of the ticket to be a more valuable tool for me to become a better teacher.  After the students leave class that day,  I find myself quickly digging through the "tickets" to discover what they had learned during the lesson and what made learning difficult or easy for them that day.  I am able to take notes and adjust my upcoming lesson to address any concerns or issues from the prior class.   

Overall, students seem to appreciate the chance they have to express their concerns or successes from the class.  In order to explain how the "ticket" worked, I made a slide show presentation that demonstrated what was expected when they filled out the ticket.

Click on the link below to see the presentation.


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