Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's A Spring Thing! - A Show In Front of the Curtain

Sometimes when putting together a performance, you really don't need to use whole the stage.  During these times, it seems in the best interest of the students to place them in front of the curtain. Not only does this help with volume for the young singers to be closer to the audience, but it also is a great introduction to being on stage with less distractions.  A curtain can be a strong backdrop, but can also be very boring to look at, and does not help to tell a story about the songs being presented.  One option to create the perfect "photo opt" during the performance is to hang items from the curtain.  Although some schools may be opposed to putting holes into the stage curtain, our Magic Paper Lady has discovered an easy way to accomplish this task without causing any damage. 
A Tag Gun, which is used in a store to place price tags on clothing, is a great way to hang items on the curtain.  Not only can you purchase the proper needle length for the thickness of the curtain, but you can simply snip the plastic holder for quick tear down.  This is also much easier to use then large safety pins, as the weight and strength of the curtain is difficult to pierce and can leave holes.

Our Magic Paper Lady, can create any item with paper and for this show to stick with a spring theme, she created beautiful flowers.  By crinkling, crunching and shaping the paper, she was able to produce flowers that would be able to hang flat while having depth.  They turned out beautiful and truly enhanced the backdrop.

The use of strong color created the illusion of real flowers.  When placing flowers on the curtain, it is important to put them where they will not be blocked by the students standing in front of them during the performance.  For this, a sheet of green paper was placed on the bottom of the curtain and cut into blades to create the image of grass.  And here's the final result! Enjoy!

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