Saturday, September 15, 2012

Where do I put my paper? - A tale of Sponge Bob

It's inevitable that whenever a class of students complete written work, the question as to where to place the papers is always the topic of conversation.  In an effort to recycle items, I decided to began using a SpongeBob Square Pants popcorn tin to hold our written work.  The students quickly identified where to place their papers every time and it helped eliminate continuous questions.  The flow of the class for line up is now great, and the kids love to take a look at SpongeBob on the way out the door.
The tin has a different facial expression on each side.  This could easily be made by simply using a box and drawing four different faces.  I have also thought it might be fun to have four different composers on the box and each day turn to discuss the composer.  Maybe even using music symbols might be a fun and little extra way to add music vocabulary into our day to day activities.

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