Saturday, September 1, 2012

This Is America

Designing a stage for a show can be time consuming and we all know the limitations of the clock when putting together a performance.  For Veteran's Day, it was decided that we would make something simple, classy and respectful.  The name of the show was "This Is America" and many of the songs for the performance came from the MusicK8 website.

A musical to honor our Veterans

The back wall was covered in dark blue butcher paper and the United States map was made of syrofoam from the local hardware store.  It is important to use paint that will not melt the syrofoam.  We used classroom paint and it worked well once it was dry.  Long pieces of paper were hung from the ceiling to form this unique look.  By adding the title of the show and the flags on the stage, parents and students alike were thrilled as the curtain slowly opened before the show.

I have found great success in using musicals and songs from the MusicK8 website.  Not only are the shows kid friendly, but the show tracks sound amazing!

Click the red title below to find ideas for show songs.

Good luck with your show.  And God Bless America!

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