Saturday, September 1, 2012

Magical Mozart - A music marker for students

One of my favorite times of the day in music class, is when the kids are singing and reading music.  Watching them follow along with such great anticipation to get every word, dynamic and note right is a thrilling moment.  But when a student is lost in the music, I would find myself bent over towards the ground trying to help them discover where we are in the song. Ultimately, I would end up not being very helpful since the book was so far away (my sight has sure changed with age) and end up with a head rush as I stood back up.

Music marker for students
That is when "Magical Mozart" was created.  "Magical Mozart" is a puppet on a long stick (about the length of a yard stick).  Mozart helps kids find their place in the music, divides the class into groups and whispers things into my ear when he has a musical thought about what he is hearing or seeing in class.  The kids love to see Magical Mozart and do recognize him as an historical figure, who is sometimes mistaken for George Washington.

A composition by Mozart is hummed or played as he is waved over the heads of the kids.  They seem to enjoy this and sometimes hum along.  Well, if the kids could become familar with Mozart in this fun way, what other important musical figure could be used...
Music marker for students
None other then the "King of Rock and Roll"!  The students just love to see Elvis.  As a matter of fact, they love him so much, they will pretend they are lost so Elvis will point at their music.  What a joy to see kids engaged and interested.  And all I really would like to say to my Magical Mozart and Elvis on a stick is......"Thank you, thank you very much!"

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