Sunday, August 19, 2012

What's Inside the Box? - (The Kindergarten Hook)

music box for music class
Music class for kindergarten students can be a time of wonderment and fun, but as teachers, we know that finding a way to keep students engaged is of the utmost importance.  The music box is one way to to set up the objective of the lesson in a fun way.  When using the music box, the teacher will sing the call and the students will complete by singing the response.  The teacher begins by tapping a beat on the box, then singing the song.  When the song is finished, the teacher can ask the class what they think is in the box.  By giving clues or shaking the box, students can deduct what will be the objective or an element within the lesson.  A student is then chosen to open the box and discover what is inside.  It's such a fun way to start the lesson, and the kiddos love to sing along!
Here's the song, so you can join in too!

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